TT convertible design is not much suspense, but it still will insist Drophead settings. On Marchs Geneva Motor Show, Audi introduced a new generation TT Coupe hardtop version of its evolutionary design language for a new interpretation of very impressive, new cars become more punch, more dynamic. And after this hardtop, the convertible version of the model will also come to the party. Recently, news came from abroad, a new generation TT roadster will debut in the first two years at the time of the Paris Motor Show in October this year. After the arrival of the hardtop version of the model, in fact, the appearance of a convertible car, there is no much suspense. Because from experience, TT roadster with hardtop version has never been very close, especially the convertible version of the roof line substantially in the past have maintained a kind of arc-shaped design of the hardtop version turbo suppliers, so a new generation of models It should also continue this tradition. Meanwhile a new generation TT roadster will continue to adhere to the set soft-top convertible, which is different from the main competitor BMW Z4 and Mercedes SLK hardtop convertible settings. Dynamic part Cabriolet is no suspense, it will be shared with the hardtop version, equipped 2.0TFSI low-power engine, maximum output horsepower 230Ps (169Kw), maximum torque of 370N • m, compared to the old and increase 19Ps 20N • m, 6-speed manual transmission or a partial match S TRONIC dual-clutch gearbox. Sports version of the TTS roadster is equipped with high-power version 2.0TFSI, engine adjustable coilovers maximum horsepower reached 310Ps (228Kw), maximum torque of 380N • m, compared to an increase 38Ps and 30N • m old models. Meanwhile TTS roadster will match AWD system.